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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Norfolk

Many would disagree with the fact that LSS can be introduced to students in high school when they consider the fact that the methodology has been around for decades and is based on the manufacturing industry in which all professionals and experts would learn it to boost their careers and opportunities, or the company they work for. However, our team at Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Norfolk High School Students of Virginia has been working with students of all ages and public schools in order to show them how Lean Six Sigma can help institutions and grow their skills since we have learned that beyond the simple and regular use, students will reap great benefits and it is never too early when considering those in the stage of life.

It is crucial to realize that Six Sigma can only be taught by a practitioner who is ready to take the challenge of working with high school students. 

Now, if you are a student or institution that wants to instill the program, you or your students will reap the benefits of continuous improvement, process improvement, and waste reduction after identifying problems.

A Six Sigma-trained person will reap the most benefits and be an asset to any industry or company.

It doesn’t matter how good a student’s grades are in school or what high school they go to, many students don’t get real-life experience, and they need some support and assistance to be competitive when moving on to their next life stage.

Based on our experience, we believe that a great school should have the ability to think for its own best interests. A Sigma program should be offered to every school, school board, or educational institution. This will give students valuable tools that can improve their education and help them in the workplace.

It is natural to give them more options and tools in order to help them achieve their potential and get credit. Don’t wait to see if your school has a program ready or planning to instill one; instead, focus on getting access on your own if you are interested in it.

Finding Lean Six Sigma training can seem overwhelming. We will help you as we welcome all students.

Information will be provided based on your belt level as well as the outline of the program you have chosen to follow. We review the basics to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and our team can help you modify the details to suit your needs and projects.

Our program welcomes high school students and school boards. We would love to assist all students and help build the foundations for Sigma.

What Will You and your Students Learn?

Students and institutions must decide whether they wish to attain the advanced belt or which levels are available. This will allow for the flexibility to change the course outline as necessary.

In this instance, the yellow and green belts are the only ones they have access to for two reasons:

  • Black belts may be permanent or temporary positions that require someone to have experience in the implementation of the method.
  • It is important to fully understand the process and acquire valuable skills that will help students meet their individual needs. Training to become a yellow or green belt can help individuals achieve their career goals.

Some companies choose to concentrate on the yellow belt as it covers the core methodology and the basics, which happens with students and schools as well. However, we consider the green belt for those who want to gain an edge or scale after they have completed their yellow belt a good option.

A green belt can only be obtained after you have been trained and certified in a yellow belt, but when you take the time to go for this belt as well, you get the chance to aim for better positions or have more knowledge about the methodology for students’ personal growth.

This is what the majority of people learn in our training to give an idea:

  • The goal of the yellow belt is to help them understand and manage their responsibilities. It’s all about helping them to improve their work habits and organizing the important topics Six Signa covers.
  • Can green belts handle large-scale projects? This belt level covers all aspects of Sigma, including how to manage important roles. They will also be responsible for most tasks.
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Be Certified as a Student

Students who have completed the training or course successfully should be eligible for certification. 

Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Pros of Virginia can offer many solutions to ensure that students and schools reap the benefits of this methodology. This includes training and certification.